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About us

Vision & values

Vision & values

Our vision is of a just world with no street children.

For over 25 years, we have been working alongside street children, first in Latin America and now in Asia and Africa. Our core purpose today remains consistent with the reason Toybox was created - to help children marginalized and abused by those who should be protecting them.

We want to thrive and grow as an organisation; to be as cost effective and proficient as possible so that we ensure maximum impact for the children we work alongside.

Our Core Value


  • To do the right thing
  • To speak the truth against injustice and
  • To be unafraid to try new ideas

Our motivation

We are committed to ending the global injustice of children living and working on city streets.

Our people


Passionate about ending the injustice of children living or working on the streets. Determined to see street children banished to our history books. Concerned about every person we engage with - that is Team Toybox!