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Our approach

Ecology of the Child

Child level

  • Child labor
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Sexual violence and exploitation
  • Gang violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Physical abuse
  • Health risks
  • Illiteracy

Family level

  • Family conflict
  • Loss of family income
  • Single-parent households
  • Child-headed households
  • Migration
  • Displacement
  • Dysfunctional families

Community level

  • Poverty
  • Gang violence
  • Unemployment
  • Gender inequality
  • Social inequality
  • Lack of awareness of child protection
  • Harmful cultural practices

Society level

  • Lack of birth registration
  • Weak child protection mechanisms, policies and laws
  • Ineffective justice systems
  • Stigmatization



Local knowledge and expertise is key to our strategy in each country we work. Therefore we invest in local partners to ensure we are working where the need is greatest, where we can have the most impact, and in a long-term, sustainable way.

Locally-led solutions increase the effectiveness, legitimacy and cost effectiveness of our engagement with street-connected and other exploited children.

The projects we develop with local partners target 3 key stages:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Reintegration


Help before they hit the streets

Vulnerable children and families sometimes need help. We fund long-term work to fight poverty in cities across the world. It is easier to help a child before they hit the streets – our chances of success are so much better. Our job is to help families on the brink of destruction, to prevent children being forced to work or live on the streets.

It is easier to help a child before they hit the streets – our chances of success are so much better.


Rescue from the streets

In a crisis, children and young people need direct help and they need it quickly. We support children who are living and/or working on the streets. We offer practical day to day support and advice.

We work to remove children from a permanent live on the streets. Our job is to place children in a safe and secure environment where they can grow and flourish.


A safe home from the streets

Vulnerable children living or working on the streets need protection from abuse and neglect. We work with families and agencies to place the children appropriately. Our job is to ensure children are placed in a safe home and have the support they need to recover from their experiences.